Thank You For Judging Me

How often are you ignoring your heart’s true desire to express itself in hopes to ‘fit in’ and be accepted? What might happen if you challenge your programmed choices and dive into honouring what you really want?
I’m sharing my story on how I’ve become a more whole woman by really looking at how others’ judgements made me act, speak and choose for myself and how I turned that around,

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Cassandra HopeComment
All The Women In Me Are Now Free

Breaking patterns passed down to us from past generations first takes awareness of the pattern to even break them. Then, for me, it took engaging in trauma therapy, learning to create boundaries, saying no to whatever didn’t serve my highest good and letting go of coping mechanisms and addictions that were keeping me stuck.

In celebration of the hardest yet most progressive year to date I got “All the women in me are now free” tattooed on my arms. For my my birth mother, sister and grandmother. I hope you, too, find freedom <3

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Cassandra Hope