My 3 Steps To A Stress-Free Fall

I’m not gonna bullshit you guys, it literally took me YEARS to crack the code on stress management. I had to understand the fundamental needs my mind.body.spirit needed in order to not have a total meltdown mid-shopping, a day out with friends or on road trips.

Aside from the obvious requirements which are:

a) Finding the right shops and buyers

b) Stellar company (no bummer vibes pls)

c) A place I’m excited about road tripping to!

I needed to incorporate a few other key strategies to avoid stress as seasons change and daily stresses build.

Keep in mind, as much as we’re progressing as a society in the worlds of technology, music, food and culture, we still need to acknowledge the fact that we’ve only just scratched the surface of evolutionary change in the past 100 years. 

With a few taps on your smartphone you can order food from around the world to your doorstep, find a date or download the latest underground dance tune. This is an ideal way of life for many, including myself. We love the excitement and convenience that modern life offers us but how does this change in pace affect our nervous systems?

In my experience in the last 10 years of researching and taking stock in practise, the ever-growing demands of daily life is wreaking havoc on us.

The downstream effects of being chronically stressed are anxiety, sleeplessness, poor detoxification and digestion which can possibly lead to genetic predispositions turning on.

No bueno. I always tell my clients “We don’t want to find out what your genetic predispositions are, let’s focus on creating some bandwidth in your health - beginning with stress management”

We’re at the frontlines of evolutionary change that takes thousands of years to catch up to all of the new stress stimuli and our bodies aren’t coping well with the demands they’ve been put under.

We want it all and we want it all now! I know I do.

But how?

Here are some of the practices myself and my clients engage in regularly to be some of the foundational pieces our brains have been designed for millennia to experience. 

1.Move your body

Our bodies are hardwired to move daily. We would hunt, gather and work on our homes (or huts) and walk to get water or visit friends. Movement is how our bodies stay full of vitality. 

Exercise releases happy hormones (endorphins), aids to improve sleep, focus and concenrtation and helps us to have more bandwidth for daily stressors. 

Intimidated or unsure where to start? That’s normal. Acknowledge the resistance and let it go. Spend that energy looking for the right type of movement for you. What makes you feel excited and empowered? Live there.

2. Eat whole foods

When not eating the balanced meals, it can put the body in a stress state leading to anxiety, poor concentration and disrupted sleep. In fact, many times when people wake in the night, say between 2 – 4 am, it is often linked to high stress and/or blood sugar dysregulation. That’s why a balanced diet, rooted in whole foods, is super important to mental health and overall wellness as refined foods lack the necessary nutrition to keep blood sugars level. 

One of my Chef’s Plate delivered meals, love the recipe book and whole foods!

One of my Chef’s Plate delivered meals, love the recipe book and whole foods!

However, I do recognize people don’t have time to grocery shop. I support shortcuts ‘in-between’ apps and restaurants. In fact, I often recommend meal kit services, like a Chefs Plate because they deliver the fresh, whole foods and recipe instructions needed to prepare a meal in a short time at home. It’s one less thing for people to worry about, and helps them stay on track because they aren’t scrambling to figure out what’s for dinner

3. Work on your growth and mindset

No one can deny that our lives are changing rapidly. We’ve never before had so many options. In the past we’d hunt, cook, sleep and chill with our tribe. Now, we need to know what we want from relationships, career, social media AND try our best to live an authentic and happy life. This takes a lot of work and commitment. 

Not knowing how we feel about ourselves, how we want to be loved, or what our boundaries are can lead to a lot of stress and unfulfilled expectations. In fact, I often see people avoid personal development because they’re afraid of making the wrong choice or of the pain that might come with looking under those rocks. However, when we expose ourselves to new ways of looking at life and our past-pain, we evolve. 

Feeling stressed, ungrounded or out of control after summer? You aren’t alone and it probably won’t be the last time. Learn to ride the waves of life and incorporate the above practices which are key to finding some calm in this beautiful, crazy world we live in.