Fitness? Yeah, it's my jam.

My dedication as a personal trainer is to find out exactly what it is that you are looking to achieve, then deliver it to you. Period.

Whether your goals are to lose weight in a sustainable and healthy way, gain muscle and feel stronger, balance your hormones, improve mood and sleep or find accountability in a coach who knows you can do it, I’m your woman. Personal training is an amazing way to achieve transformation. It can lead to self-empowerment, greater self-esteem, deep knowledge of one’s own needs and capabilities, improve your outlook on what’s possible for you in life and it can lead you into an incredibly exciting new chapter to explore.

In other words, it's pretty much one of the best things you can do.

How It Works

All training and consults are done at Dwell Gym located at 276 Carlaw Ave unit 100 Leslieville, Toronto. Sessions are 55 minutes in length. 

I pride myself on delivering programming that is continuously challenging yet ‘doable’. I never want you to leave the gym feeling disappointed in yourself or feeling defeated. You will leave feeling proud of your accomplishments, and excited about what’s in store for your next session!


It's all about strength & mobility.
Training begins with a functional movement assessment to determine how the body is moving so that I can learn where to focus strengthening certain muscles and where to focus mobilizing the body. My goal in the first month is to have my client strong in the areas that will help to create an amazing foundation so they are able to progress without the fear of injury or being incapable of more advanced movements. Also, to have them flexible and mobile so they can achieve a full range of motion in each exercise without pain or the risk of injury.


Everything we do is unique to your goals and needs.
I use a combination of barbell work such as squats, deadlifts, rows, presses etc., as well as kettle bells, battle ropes, dumbbells and TRX work.  I also love coaching more advanced training techniques such as Olympic Lifting. With a strong foundation we can bring you literally anywhere! Training should be fun and progress responsibly so that you are continuously challenged and excited about what you’re doing in the gym.


I'm also a Fascial Stretch Therapist and I use this technique to help clients reduce stress and achieve enhanced flexibility and mobility. I'll sometimes use it as a way to end the session to aid recovery and leave you feeling relaxed and restored. If you're not feeling up to a full workout one day, I offer a full hour of fascial stretch on a massage table which is always well received. 

I would love to connect and learn about your goals and needs and talk about how I will be able to help. 

Contact me to arrange a complimentary consultation


Helping you be well is what I do best.

I’ve been in love with fitness and nutrition since I was a small girl. I used to teach friends about the nutritional value of an apple and how too much salt wasn’t good for them. My idol in grade 3 was Mr. Schwarzenegger (not kidding - Terminator was huge then!) and I chose cooking shows over cartoons any day.

I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and health coach specializing in tailored holistic weight loss programs and gut health, and I’m genuinely invested in my clients learning, practicing, and enveloping healthy habits that allow them to have the relationship with their bodies and food that they desire. 

How It Works

Sessions take place via Skype, FaceTime or in person at my office.

Once we decide to work together, I send you an intake form that you send back to me once completed. Then, we book our very first session!

In our 4 sessions together we'll cover:

  • your whole body (nervous system, digestive system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system etc.),

  • your health history

  • genetics/predispositions to family illness

  • work

  • stress levels

  • goals, aspirations, and past disappointments 

Your custom protocol includes:

  • Nutrition Guidelines: Recipe suggestions, how to eat based on your lifestyle and struggles, how to eat on a workout day vs. a non-workout day; grocery lists, a complimentary smoothie recipe book and an approved foods list

  • Lifestyle Recommendations: How to reduce and manage stress, increase fulfillment and happiness, and improve your relationship with self, food and exercise.

  • Supplement Recommendations: Always custom with education of why I recommend them. Always practitioner quality and only recommended if I strongly believe they will be a key part of your success. 

  • Unlimited email support throughout the duration of the program.

Additional Recommendations

A customized 10 or 28 day Whole Food Detox is ideal for those who have struggled with stubborn weight retention and inexplicable weight gain, lethargy and sluggishness, poor digestion and/or allergies and an intolerance to perfumes and scented air fresheners, etc. 

This cleanse uses specific whole foods and key supplements to help open up your detox pathways so that stored toxins can be mobilized and effectively removed from the body.  As toxins accumulate in the body they are stored in fat cells where they are less capable of causing damage. If the liver and gut aren’t able to effectively process and eliminate toxins due to being overloaded (high toxic intake via refined foods, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, poor air and water quality, BPA’s and other xenoestrogens etc) then the toxins will be stored in fat cells where they will be less harmful.

Why detox?

What I’ve found in practice is that stubborn weight retention is actually a very intelligent action of the body to keep toxins stored in fat cells rather than mobilizing them and allowing them to cause more damage when there is no effective route out. 

Once we create the space for the body to properly mobilize the toxins from fat cells and get them out we will often then see weight loss occur as the body feels safe to burn stored fat. 

This program includes nutrition guidelines, 2 practitioner quality supplements to support liver and hormone detox that will support healthy fat loss and aid in restoring ideal body composition, menstrual cycle, energy levels, improved sleep and mood, and more.