“with the cold weather arriving and me wanting to make more cooked, earthy and grounding foods, i decided to make a rich, nutrient-dense and smoky soup to sip on all through the weekend.”

paleo chicken + bacon salad

“i love the smokiness, crunch from the bacon, celery and tons of green onion as well as the fattiness from the mayo and density of the chicken. if you’re feeling like getting more grounded and cooking more this fall, i think you’ll really love this recipe.”

3 cannabis products that have helped my mental health

“there came a point when i decided i had to open my mind to other options. i wanted something natural that could help with several body functions…”


A Functional Approach to Wellness.

As a functional nutritionist, mindset coach and personal trainer I look at each cleint and their goals with individual attention and care.

I work with clients to teach them how to modify their lifestyle and relationship with food, themselves and their commitments to movement at a pace that feels tangible and exciting for them.

If you’re here and feeling frustrated, defeated and overwhelmed with your roadblocks know this…

The road to change and healing takes tenacity and dedication BUT it’s also rich with opportunity to get to know a version of yourself you’ve always wanted to. It’d be my honour to help you get to know that person.


This is me.

I love to write. I’m an artist and it’s one of my creative outlets. Though I also use it as an educational tool. If you want to learn about things related to wellness; gut, brain and hormone specifically - I’m your girl. Check out my blog for my uncensored approach to wellness in 2019 (I better remember to change that in 2020 .)

If you want to empower yourself with the knowledge on how to move your body without pain, get strong from your core out and avoid injury like a boss, we can do that too! I’ve been a personal trainer for 10 years now. Became a pro fitness competitor at the age of 25 and studied functional strength training under a top NHL strength coach for 3 years.

Fitness is a passion, of course, but I also see it as medicine. It should be prescribed and executed properly so to help your body, not hurt it.

The same goes for nutrition. I believe there’s a time and person to recommend different ways of eating. I treat wholly and functionally considering not only your goals but your lifestyle and overall state of mind when creating your protocol.




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Let’s work together.

I really love getting to know my clients’ exact wants and needs. The more I learn the better I can help and teach (though legit I respect everyone’s choice on how much they feel comfortable sharing :)

Health is like a puzzle or onion. I dig into understanding you and what is going to support you mentally, physically and any-’ally’-really! I help you uncover the patterns that keep you stuck.

We uncover the mindset that is limiting you.

Then we create strategies together specific to your roadblocks.

We get you educated, feeling empowered and clear on next steps.

We get you moving and eating for health AND pleasure.

Then we get you to meet that version of yourself who feels satiated - both in your belly and your heart. Get you feeling good with you :)

I’m Cassandra Hope, mindset coach, holistic nutritionist and strength coach. It’s my purpose in life to learn, grow and help empower others. My mother literally hoped and hoped and hoped that I’d be born healthy and I was.

She bathed me with those neurotransmitters in utero. It’s in every cell in my body. Let’s get you bathing in your own amazing neurotransmitters ✊🏻

Be Well With Hope.